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First released in 1979, one of three albums (with STUDIO TAN and ORCHESTRAL FAVORITES) made up of material originally intended for the unreleased box set LATHER. The box set would have completed his Warner Brothers' contract, but they let the albums trickle out separately with minimal packaging or promotion. Hence the original release was unauthorized by FZ and went out-of-print in a hurry; it's now here in fully Zappa-approved form. Material, recorded between 1974-1976, also includes some songs from the unstaged FZ science fiction musical HUNCHENTOOT. Track highlights: "Regyptian Strut" and "The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution."

In early 1976, Zappa's relationship with manager and business partner Herb Cohen ended in litigation. Zappa and Cohen's company DiscReet Records was distributed by Warner Bros. Records . When Zappa asked for a reassignment of his contract from DiscReet to Warner in order to advance the possibility of doing special projects without Cohen's involvement, Warner briefly agreed. This led to the 1976 release of Zoot Allures on Warner. Early in 1977, Zappa delivered the master tapes for a quadruple-LP set, entitled L├Ąther . However, Warner changed its position following legal action from Cohen, and refused to release the album, claiming that Zappa was contractually bound to deliver four more albums to Warner for the DiscReet label.

Frank Zappa Sleep DirtFrank Zappa Sleep DirtFrank Zappa Sleep DirtFrank Zappa Sleep Dirt