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In 2003 Laura began going into parent’s homes and doing a 2-hour consultation covering the most popular infant care issues. The parents loved it! Together Laura and I (Jennifer) developed a packet of information for these parents, so they would have a reference guide to proper infant care techniques. That was a big hit as well, but the biggest surprise was the popularity and effectiveness of the nighttime routine! When Laura went into these homes, one of the resounding difficulties these parents faced was infants not sleeping through the night. Stay with me here because what happened is still amazing us both.

My sweet baby who received the harshest punishment  last week (read all about it here)  has been so wonderful and obedient!  I never like having to take babies  into my  Red Room  but since that day, he has just behaved perfectly and loving. Now, we enter my Magical Nursery  and he gets rewarded for  taking his punishment so well.

Mamas Boys Telephone TeaserMamas Boys Telephone TeaserMamas Boys Telephone TeaserMamas Boys Telephone Teaser