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But even with all of the calculated controversy seemingly built into the various cuts on First Issue , none attracted quite so much attention as "Fodderstompf." Faced with a serious shortage of material to fill out the album and with its release date looming, Public Image Limited decided to conclude the project with a track 12:55 in length, consisting of no more than a disco beat, chattering synthesizers, a bassline, and Jah Wobble singing, shouting, and screaming the phrase "we only wanted to be loved" in a joke voice. Rock critics savaged the song as a deliberate attempt to rip off the public, but it became hugely popular at the Studio 54 disco in New York; the drag queens and hipsters sang and screamed right along with Wobble out loud on the dancefloor -- nothing like that had ever happened at Studio 54. As it is perhaps the earliest extended dance mix that has little to do with disco or dub, it is apparent that "Fodderstompf" is an obvious precursor to the acid house and techno that began to evolve in the mid-'80s, although it is seldom accredited that distinction.

PiL documentary ' The Public Image is Rotten ' will receive further film festival screenings at the Viennale International Film Festival in Austria, Vienna and the In-Edit Film Music Documentary Film Festival in Barcelona, Spain . Screening info below.

Public Image Limited This Is Not A Love SongPublic Image Limited This Is Not A Love SongPublic Image Limited This Is Not A Love SongPublic Image Limited This Is Not A Love Song