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How did you get started?
Bill: Mike and I were in the band since we formed the Angry Samoans in late summer of 1978.
Mike: Everyone in the Angry Samoans had different ideas and visions about playing music. We really had no master plan. We just met at the rehearsals, jammed around and saw what happened, but we really worked hard. I guess that’s the main reason why all the records we did became quite good.
Bill: I wanted to become a second Ted Nugent at that time.
Mike: And we covered every song of the Dictators.

Although the Samoan Natives (Tagata Māo‘i) have long claimed to be the indigenous people of their islands — holding firm to the belief that Samoans were birthed from a tear in the Heavens ( Lagi, Lani ) special creation in Samoa — it has been theorized by many linguists and anthropologists, based on linguistic commonalities as well as archaeological findings, that migrants from Southeast Asia arrived in the Samoan Islands approximately 3500 years ago, settling in what has come to be known as Polynesia further to the east. This approximation is based on the Lapita pottery that has been dated to that time.

Angry Samoans Different WorldAngry Samoans Different WorldAngry Samoans Different WorldAngry Samoans Different World