Moondog moondog - Moondog Matinee

Moon dogs appear as part of the 22° halo , roughly 10 Moon diameters outside the Moon . [3] They are exactly analogous to sun dogs , but are rarer because the Moon must be bright, about quarter moon or more, for the moon dogs to be observed. Moon dogs show little color to the unaided human eye because their light is not bright enough to activate the cone cells .

Additionally, we are proud to partner with the Himalayan Institute offering a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training  and Ayurveda Yoga Specialist certification. We are also a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). Our workshops when designated provide continuing education requirements for RYT's.  At Moondog, we are your welcome retreat from the demands of a busy modern life. 

Come experience the lively and inclusive community at Moondog for yourself. 

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