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The immediate problem facing all concerned in 1954, however, was finding a replacement for Clyde McPhatter , and some would argue that they never did. David Baughn , who had sung with a very early version of the Drifters, came in as a temporary replacement, singing at one recording session and serving as lead vocalist for six months' worth of live engagements (which was how the group generated most of its income). Baughn 's singing was good enough, but the group sounded like an imitation of the McPhatter -era Drifters , and Atlantic declined to release any of these sides at the time, possibly due to their potential to interfere with McPhatter 's solo releases, which were selling well. The label didn't know whether to shoot for an entirely new sound or to try to find a replacement who sounded like the former lead singer who, by 1956, was a major R&B star in his own right. Additionally, Baughn soon demonstrated an erratic personality, sufficiently unnerving to force Treadwell to recruit a second lead vocalist in Bobby Hendricks , who had previously sung with the Five Crowns and the Swallows . Attempts were made to record this lineup, and even bass singer Bill Pinkney was cut doing a lead vocal, but none of it was considered acceptable.

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    Clyde McPhatter The Best Man CriedClyde McPhatter The Best Man CriedClyde McPhatter The Best Man CriedClyde McPhatter The Best Man Cried