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His body tenses and twists on the couch as his hand becomes a blur on his uncut cock and it's clear that this isn't going to take long. It's a brilliant display of self satisfaction - nothing put on, no acting. Just a vibrant young man getting himself off in his own way. Inching closer but determined to let it loose!

By STORMKING (M/fff, M/F, D/S, Rom, Bond, Sex Slaves, Preg)



Reading the first three chapters is strongly encouraged.

Although the idea for this story came from pictures of an actual cheerleader carwash in Georgia, this story and its' characters are fantasy and are 18-years old and over.

Dr. Elizabeth 'Liz' Walker and her POV is the focus of this chapter. A few followers wrote me asking that the hot doctor be victimized by our favorite slave-owner Bobby, so here you are then.

Be warned that this tale contains tags of Non-Consensual, D/S, Bondage, Anal, Reluctance, plus the Enslavement and Impregnation of Cheerleaders and a Doctor. Don't read this if you find these tags to be offensive to you. As always, troll comments will be deleted.

The story's characters are fictional and are 18-years or older.

Please enjoy!


Previously: Bobby and his girls wintered at Bobby's ranch in Wyoming. This story starts in the ex-cheerleaders' 35th week of pregnancy. Bobby needs a doctor for the deliveries, so he called Dr. Liz and asked her to help out.

CAST OF CHARACTERS (Background and Visualization Purposes):

BOBBY GRENDEL, KIDNAPPER (57): 5'11, 196 pounds, Dark Hair, Mercenary, Co-Owner and Domestic Operations Chief for Global Security Solutions (GloSec), ex-White Slaver, ex-Football Teammate of Wild Bill; Proud Owner of Three High School Cheerleaders.

EMMA: 5'2, B-Cup, 100 pounds, Blond, Shoe, Cheer Captain and Tennis Player; Pregnant Slave-Wife of Bobby; Head Wife.

SOPHIE: 5'4", 122 pounds, D-Cup, Blond, Size 6 Shoe, Cheerleader and Violinist; Pregnant Slave-Wife of Bobby.

BREE: 5'6" 134 pounds, C-Cup, size Shoe, Martial Arts and Field Hockey; Pregnant Slave-Wife of Bobby.

Dr. LIZ WALKER (39): Black hair. 5'11, Size 9 Shoe, C Cups, Former College All-American Volleyballer; Currently a Doctor on Hospital Staff.


My name is Dr. Elizabeth Walker, but everyone calls me Doctor Liz. I was shivering in the chilly weather cursing myself for wearing summer clothing. I was out West which means it's hot, right? My 5'11, raven-haired body can be described as tall and slim like Lauren Bacall. I had been told to wait on the curb at the airport for a vehicle sent by Bobby to take me to the ranch.

I wore a grey cotton blazer and skirt, black blouse, sheer charcoal pantyhose, and 3" grey pumps. I looked like the top medical professional who was listed among the top 25 doctors in my state. This appearance was important since I wanted to impress upon that misogynist Bobby Grendel that I am a highly educated, strong, confident doctor and mother, and I was not to be treated like one of his pregnant, bimbo, cheerleader sex slaves. Men looking for an easy lay hated pantyhose, and I was confident that Bobby would get the hint.

What was I doing out here? Why was I so uneasy?

Was it because Bobby asked me to deliver the cheer-sluts' babies? Just before he was released from the hospital, he told me that he lived in a remote area of Wyoming and that there were no medical services. He asked me if I could come out and deliver his girls' babies. I stupidly said yes in the heat of the moment.

Last week, I received a phone call from Bobby reminding me that the girls were almost due, and that he had booked me a first class seat for that Thursday. He told me that I needed to stay for at least three weeks. Taking the time off was not a problem as I had not been on vacation for the last five years, and I needed one.

So back to my question of why I was in Wyoming.

Was I was out here in the wilderness because I needed a vacation and wanted to deliver the babies? These girls needed me. An animal like Bobby could not be trusted with delivering babies.

Was I here because of that moment months ago when I was doing my rounds at the hospital and checked on a conscious Bobby? I have always liked professional men of class and means. My impression of Bobby was that he was a barbarian who lived in a trailer, abused women, and got drunk off of cheap beer.

I am a strong, independent woman, yet that pervert managed to reduce me to a submissive slut in less than a minute. He painfully gripped my hand, pulled me onto the bed, and began to feel my breasts and my crotch. He told me that if I came out to visit them, he would do all kinds of horribly kinky things to me. He promised to make me his sex slave while I was there. He ordered me to stop birth control as he wanted to breed me. Then he gave me a kiss that shook me to my core. I briefly resisted before I was kissing him right back with equal intensity.

The fear, pain, heat, humiliation, and pleasure I had felt from that encounter was something that had never happened to me before. Throughout my life, I had always been the good girl, both prim and proper. I was a high school valedictorian and had graduated Magna Cum Laude from university. Sex for me was of the vanilla type, no oral or anal for this girl. I was a real athlete, and my volleyball teammates and I always used to make fun of cheerleading since it wasn't a real sport.

I tried to rationalize why I had not tried to resist him. I concluded that he had taken me by surprise since no one had ever sexually assualted me before.

Over the years, I had grown used to men groveling at my statuesque beauty. In stark contrast, Bobby regarded me like a piece of bimbo meat that he wanted to eat and fuck.

Fuck. Fucking.

When was the last time I actually had sex? Was it two years ago during a one night stand with a stranger. I had met the businessman at a bar. We flirted, had amazing sex, and woke up the next morning in bed in his hotel room at the Hilton. It was at that moment that I noticed his wedding ring mixed in with his pocket change on the desk. I yelled at the cheating bastard, got dressed, and ran from the room.

I have regretted that night ever since. I had divorced my husband Larry for cheating on me, and now I had enabled a married man to to cheat on his wife. I had been celibate since that night, except for using my sex toys.

Our black SUV pulled up to the curb, and Sophie got out. The very pregnant, 18-year old, sex slave gave me a big hug as possible. We got into the vehicle and drove off. Sophie was quite a constant, quick-talking chatterbox.

"DoctorWalker,wearesohappy mreadyandBree eanAmishsuppera fteryouhavebe enprocessed

and 'sthebestsn iperinGlosec," the excited pregnant teen babbled.

"Okay! Okay! Slow down Sophie! I'll be here for three weeks. We'll have lots of time to talk, and please call me Doctor Liz," I laughed. I could feel my fear and tension fade away.

"Uhhh Doctor Liz, three weeks?" Sophie said with a strange look on her face. She heard Corporal Tyner chuckle, but I thought nothing of it since he had a Blue Tooth device in his ear.

"We should be in Leesburg in two hours, Ma'am," the driver said.

"Leesburg? I told my daughter and boss that I was going to Cheyenne," I said in confusion.

"Oh yeah, about that. Bobby, Wild Bill, and Victor have ancestors who fought for the South during the Civil War. Just like us girls, they were born in the South and are Rebels at heart. So they unofficially changed the name from some Yankee arsonist general to Leesburg as in General Lee. Most of GloSec are Southerners and Westerners. We do have a tech guy who was born in Massachusetts, but he was born in South Boston so he's okay as is our techie Karen who was born in West Philly," Sophie said solemnly.

Sophie and I chatted so much that I didn't notice most of the country-side and also the two hours went quickly. Sophie got us up to date with what was going on.

Bobby made the girls get their . and pick careers. Emma wanted to be a nurse while Bree desired to be school teacher and cheer coach. Sophie said that she wanted to be an accountant, and that Bobby already put her in charge of the family's finances after a two month trial period.

"He said that if I do well in college and graduate, I could have a job in Glosec's accounting department. Now Bree, she's the restless one. She told Bobby she wants to be a part-time mercenary, so Bobby's been training her on headquarters and field operations. He's also training her on different kinds of guns and how to use a knife."

"But you are still his sex slaves, right?" I reminded her.

"True. We take care of all of his needs. We cook, clean, wash, and give him pleasure with our bodies. He rides us hard and keeps us pregnant girls in bondage and sex fetishes, and that gets us hot too. Last week, he made all three of us eat each other out at the same time. He called it daisy-chaining which is us lying on the floor in a triangle with our faces in each others' pussies. I saw the pictures he took, and it's funny seeing three white whales eating each other. We all cum a lot everyday."

My resentment and jealousy flared up. I can't remember the last time I came, except with toys. How I wish that I could feel like this pregnant sex slave with no cares and no worries! Just feel free to let myself go! Then reality set back in.

I looked at Tyner and next leaned in real close to Sophie's ear.

"Sophie honey, I think you and your friends are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Do you know what that is?" I whispered.

"Of course we do! Emma said that Stockholm Syndrome is our emotions of trust or affection, during certain cases of kidnapping or being a hostage, toward Bobby. We girls got together late one night, and Emma again asked if that was the reason why we surrendered to Bobby at that car wash. So we discussed it, and we concluded no. We girls have always dreamed about getting married, having babies, and living the dream in a nice home. We looked back and realized that we submitted to him immediately, even though we could have screamed and ran away. We felt a deep attraction to him. We could feel his powerful manliness, and we wanted him to be our master, husband, protector, and father to our babies."

Sophie looked away in deep thought.

"After all those clumsy, jerk schoolboys, we had found a real man, though much older than what we girls always dreamed about. Over the months, we have rehashed it and still agree that we are happy to be with him. He's a great husband, provider, protector, and friend. He even gave us a formal wedding in the old church and a reception in the new barn. We all wore white dresses with bondage stuff like white slave collars and leashes and handcuffs. He can be harsh and tough on us, but we love him and he loves us. We girls would kill anyone who tries to hurt him or our family."

I was shocked by the vehement beliefs of this teen girl and was unsure about whether my preconceptions about these girls were wrong. Are the girls' brain-washed captives, or hormonal teens needing a father-husband figure?

When Bobby was my patient at the hospital, I could have turned him in to the police, but I didn't. Was it because I grew up as a father-less single child? Was it also because I had a deep need for a powerful, good man in my divorced life? I always wanted more than one child, but my divorce killed that off.

We pulled up in front of an Old West ranch house. I slipped my high heels on, got out, and stretched while surveying the rustic house. I remarked that as rich as Bob was, I had thought he have an elegant home. Sophie replied that the original one bedroom home was built in 1877, and it had been expanded over the 140 years into a modern seven bedroom and six bath home. The teen also remarked that she and her sister-wives wanted to bear and raise their children here.

"I'll see to your stuff, doctor," Sophie said with a mischievous grin. She was a nice, yet strange girl.

As I walked up to the old house, I looked through the big window and stopped in mid-stride at the figures of three naked people. There was Bree bent over because her wrists were tied to the ceiling. Bobby was standing behind her and having sex with her. Emma had a strap-on phallus and held Bree's hair as she made her red-haired friend perform oral sex on it. Bobby must have noticed me because he said something to the girls while releasing Bree.

In shock, I was still standing there when the door opened, and Bobby and his two pregnant slave-wives stepped out onto the porch. They were still naked! His penis big, hard, and wet. I licked my lips.

"Hello Liz! Nice to see you you made it, and we hope to see all of you shortly. Please come in," Bobby said with a leering gaze which frightened me. I had to get out of here, now!

"I'm...I'm sorry, but I think I made a mistake. I have changed my mind, and I want to go home," I said in a shaky voice while still staring at his manhood.

"Girls, please help our guest into the house," Bobby said impatiently.

Before I could turn, Sophie grabbed my hair. As I tried to turned my head and told her to let me go, my eyes saw the SUV was gone! My purse, cell phone, and luggage were in the vehicle. I began to panic as Bree and Emma grabbed my arms and pushed me towards their Master-Husband. I wanted to fight for my freedom, but my captors were pregnant, and I might injure them. Plus I was dressed in a business suit and high heels which wasn't conducive to escape in. I didn't even know where I was. Where would I go?

The pregnant girls moved me to a foot in front of Bobby. I am 5'11 and in my 3" heels that makes me 6'2. I look down at the 5'10 Bobby. I am a former All-American volleyball player and still in good shape, yet I am trembling as I look at Bobby. Any thoughts to fighting him for my freedom fade away as I look at his piercing eys, muscular body, and calm face. This is a man who has done terrible things in his life. I am afraid he could hurt me, even kill me if he wanted to do it.

"Females are to be naked at all times unless I give them permission to wear something special, or they need to go out in public. For example, last week I was stressed over some client operation problems so I told my girls to put their cheerleader uniforms back on and do some cheers for me. Needless to say, I laughed when they couldn't zip their skirts, and their tops were stretched to the max. When the girls go to their classes at the college on Tuesdays and Thursdays, they must wear dresses with 4" heels."

He paused and put his face a few inches from mine. He put his right hand on my neck and squeezed a little. I was felt dizzy. What was happening to me?

"You, on the other hand, need to be assimilated into life here. You will obey me the first time, every time. Now get naked! Strip all of it off!"

I stood there with that classic deer in the headlights look. He wants me to undress on the front porch where everyone could see me.

He slapped me! I had a good girl all of my life and had never been slapped or spanked before.


"Slave, hand me your clothes and give the jewelry to Sophie," Emma said coolly.

My shaking hands took off my blazer. I unfastened my skirt and it dropped around my ankles. I slipped out of my heels and stepped out away. I picked up my shoes and skirt and handed them off. My shaking hands seemed to take forever to unbutton my blouse, and it eventually ended up in Emma's hands.

Bobby and his three cheer-sluts began to laugh at me. Why were they laughing at me?

"What the blazes? You look like a whore in those undies, Doctor Slut. You say no, but you must really want me bad," Bobby roared as his laughter died down.

I blushed as he leered at my see-through bikini panties and half-cup bra.

"Here, let me help you get the rest of your things off," he said with a smile.

He unclasped my bra and pulled it off. Then he knelt down and started pulling my pantyhose and panties down to my ankles. He tapped each foot, and I raised them so that he could remove them. Meanwhile the girls were taking my jewelry and watch off. Finally, he removed the clips from my hair to release my brunette tresses.

I was now completely naked, and I shivered in the chilly air.

"You're a sexy MILF and beautiful from your hair down to your toes," he said with sincerity. I tried to not smile, but I failed.

Bobby got a camera from a small table and took pictures of my nakedness. He made me turn around slowly as he snapped picture after picture. I just obeyed, numb and helpless. A few minutes later, he was done with another step to my enslavement.

"Sophie tie her arms behind her back with the pantyhose," Bobby ordered.

Emma and Bree pulled my arms back and Sophie use my own nylons to bind.

"Hey Bobby, you got her all worked up! She's dripping her juices on the floor," Sophie said.

"Damn woman, ain't you the mega-slut! You're an older slut, but I think you'll make a fine addition to my harem," he said before kissing me. I felt myself melting into the kiss, but then my brain kicked in and made me realize that I needed to take flight.

"NO," I yelled. I broke away from my enslavers and leaped off the porch. I started running barefooted towards the road which went up a low ridge. I was in a panic as I ran and screamed, hoping someone would save me. I was panting as I reached the top and saw nothing all the way to the horizon.

The hopelessness of my situation was now obvious to me. I was naked, bound, alone, and with no hope of rescue since no one, including me, knew exactly where I was in Wyoming. My bare feet hurt and bled a little. My sweaty body was now feeling the chilly air. It was hopeless.

As I slowly trudged back down to the ranch house, I could see the four of them sitting on the porch. Emma was video-recording my naked return to my captors.

"Get on your knees, slave," Bobby ordered and I complied. He grabbed my hair and pulled my lips to his manhood. It was big and hard.


My mouth opened and let his hard rod in. I hated oral sex and had always refused to do it. Fellatio was dememeaning to women, yet here I was with my mouth acting as a sheath to his sword. Maybe if I took too long to get him off, he would give up and let me be. I was wrong.

"You are horrible at blow jobs, and you need motivation. Plus you need to be punished for running off. So Bree is going to whip your soles. Sophie is going to play with your tits. Emma is going to do some pussy play. If you want the pain to stop, then you need me to cum in your mouth, and you need to swallow all of it."

Bree began to use a leather belt and a sparky wand thing on my feet. I screamed at each strike. Sophie squeezed and twisted my nipples. Emma found my clit with her fingernails and was pinching and squeezing them The pain was was the greatest that I had ever felt. I sucked harder and faster trying to get Bobby off. Anything to make the pain stop, but I faintly felt the stirrings of lust as the pain and oral sex slowly turned into something a little pleasurable.

When he came, his penis' head was at the back of my throat. I choked and gagged as his hot cum flooded me. I hated the taste, but I dared not lose a drop since I wanted the torture to end.

He pushed my head away and told the girls leather me. They put a leather collar on me and unlinked leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Then Bobby walked me like a dog through the house. I though that they would be living like trailer trash, but the house was fashionably decorated, neat, and clean.

Out the back door we went with Emma shouting for me to move faster as she whipped my ass with a flogger. Finally, we made it into the new barn. He pulled me into a stall and the girls put clamps on my nipples and labia. Vibrators went into my vagina and anus. I was wailing and begging too much, so Emma shoved my panties into my mouth and kept it in there with tape. My cuffs were clicked together and he used a leather strap to tie my ankles to my wrists. Bree used ties to put my big toes together. Sofia blindfolded me with a silk scarf.

"A Good Man Is Hard to Find" is a short story written by Flannery O'Connor in 1953. The story appears in the collection of short stories of the same name. The interpretive work of scholars often focuses on the controversial final scene. If you like short stories and Southern Gothic, this book is for you. https:///

I asked Robert to put all three of my dogs together in one picture, and he has done such an amazing job! I cried when I saw the picture, and I’m sure that my wife will too, when I hand it over to her for our first anniversary!!
Thanks Robert!! Your drawings are amazing!!

The lieutenant governor serves as governor in the event of a vacancy in the office of governor or if the governor is unable to act as governor or is out of the state. The lieutenant governor is an ex officio member of any committee or board on which the governor serves. Otherwise, the lieutenant governor has the powers and duties delegated to him or her by the governor or as provided by law.

I like the premise of your stories. However, the straight-out-of-bad-porn dialogue and the ridiculous cock sizes completely ruin it for me.

Bobby Long The Pleasure Is All MineBobby Long The Pleasure Is All MineBobby Long The Pleasure Is All Mine