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Cooper co-founded the band the Blues Committee, an R&B group based on the heady example set by Alexis Korner . Simultaneously, he was playing folk-blues as a solo artist in folk clubs. His first formal recording date was an independently released four-track EP with guitarist Derek Hall , Out of the Shades, titled for an important Reading folk club. Other peers who played the venue included John Renbourn , Bert Jansch , Al Stewart , and Davy Graham . Cooper began opening for a host of traveling American bluesmen as well as British stars of the era. He met fellow folk-blues musician Ian A. Anderson in 1967. Between them, the pair recorded three four-track EPs for the SayDisc label. They released a full album of these tracks as well as new pieces entitled The Inverted World . Though assembled in early 1968, it wasn't released until 1970. His playing had developed exponentially, incorporating a wide variety of Delta and country styles in his technique. He also employed bottleneck slide and lap steel. Cooper traveled England and met many other British musicians, including Michael Chapman , John Martyn , Ralph McTell , and Roy Harper , and wandering American players such as Stefan Grossman , Dave Van Ronk , and "Spider" John Koerner .

Ben Gage delivers Marshal Matt Dillon parodies in four different episodes, playing sheriffs with different names but always looking and sounding like James Arness in Gunsmoke while delivering comedic lines.

Mike Cooper Joanna Pyne ave they started yetMike Cooper Joanna Pyne ave they started yetMike Cooper Joanna Pyne ave they started yetMike Cooper Joanna Pyne ave they started yet