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Ellis and Parkins recorded for Coxsone Dodd at Studio One , initially in the R&B style, having a hit in 1960 with "Muriel" (from Dodd's first commercially oriented recording session at Federal studios), [11] a song Ellis had written while working as a labourer on a building site. [7] This initial success was followed by the release of "My Heaven", which like "Muriel" was a slow R&B ballad with the instrumental triplets and vocal harmonizing common to the ballads of that period. Further releases in the R&B style followed: "Lullabye Angel", "I Know It All", "I'm Never Gonna Cry" and "Yours". [7] The duo also recorded R&B tracks for Vincent Chin 's Randy's label including "Let Me Dream". The duo split after Parkins won a major talent contest and moved to the United States. [10] Ellis remained in Kingston, working as a printer and after losing his job, he restarted his music career, initially forming a new duo with John Holt . [7] When Holt joined The Paragons , Ellis formed a new group, The Flames. Ellis continued to work for Dodd and also recorded for his arch-rival, Duke Reid on his Treasure Isle label . [10] At the start of his career Ellis recorded with his younger sister Hortense ; early tracks with Hortense like "Don't Gamble With Love" (1965) were still in the R&B style.

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Alton Ellis ContinuationAlton Ellis ContinuationAlton Ellis ContinuationAlton Ellis Continuation